Rochester Holistic Doctor

A Rochester holistic doctor practices the fine medical art known as holistic medicine. This type of medicine treats the entire person, including the person’s body, mind and soul. A standard physician who does not have any training in the field of holistic medicine may not study the entire person in order to reach a correct medical diagnosis. A person’s lack of good health frequently depends on more than one factor. An individual’s pressing daily emotional situations can take a serious toll on his or her health.

Life’s Tough Breaks Deserve Attention

When an individual experiences medical symptoms due to stressful life conditions, a Rochester holistic doctor is able to address the cause of the problem. The fact is that every person experiences periods in which life presents great difficulties, and sometimes problems that are too overbearing can cause a person to get sick. A Rochester holistic doctor chooses to look at the patient’s stress-related illness instead of relying solely on prescription medicines that often have toxic side effects. However, in certain situations, a holistic physician may choose to combine natural remedies with conventional treatments.

A Holistic Physician May Use Conventional Medical Treatments with Natural Remedies

When an individual enters a Rochester holistic medicine facility, the holistic physician considers all aspects of the patient’s condition. The holistic physician may ask the patient about issues in his or her life that are responsible for causing extreme stress. When a Rochester holistic medicine practitioner comprehends all of the factors in a person’s life, the doctor is better able to diagnose the root cause of the patient’s illness. Diagnosis of the main cause of a disease is of paramount importance if the patient wishes to master the disease, rather than submit to prescription medications that simply eradicate the symptoms.

Holistic Medicine Acknowledges a Patient’s Spiritual Essence

Holistic physicians accept the concept that each person has a soul, and that this soul, or spiritual essence, needs to live in harmonious physical and emotionally balanced surroundings. The material boundaries of an individual’s physical makeup are only one aspect of a person’s fundamental nature. A Rochester holistic medicine physician recognizes the patient’s spiritual essence when diagnosing a disease because the individual’s soul often plays a vital role in the disharmony experienced by the patient. Individuals who wish to try natural, alternative healing techniques have opportunities to visit a local holistic center of healing.

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